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Aaron • vocals / guitar / canjo / kazoo

Gingerwolf • lapsteel / guitar / vocals

Uncle Ben  • upright bass

Jacob Panic • banjo

Cory Streett • drums

Stacey Rae Sinclair • fiddle

Skribe travels from town to town in a blue hearse spreading their own blend of garage folk: a soulful sound that draws from roots Americana & the 60’s garage spirit. The bands’ latest release ‘Postcards’ rumbles & creaks from the blues punk growl of ‘Mayonnaise & Honey’ to the Hawaiian lapsteel laced ballad ‘Strangers’ – a tribute to The Kinks.


Skribe plays an oil can called a canjo-zookie. It’s an eight-string guitar with a biting, blues-y rasp. Skribe’s got the voice (and the old-school Cadillac) to match. Accompanying himself on the suitcase-kick and hi-hat, Skribe’s “M.I.Y.” is a barn-burning roots number. 

– Ben Naddaff-Hafrey NPR


If Chris Stapleton can find a way to win four CMA Awards in 2015, then maybe there’s hope that the country community will be smart and adopt SKRIBE and his oil-can “canjo-zooki” too. With gauged ears and a suitcase for a kick-drum, he’s exactly the kind of phoenix a burning-alive country industry needs right now.

– Bryce Rudow Editor in Chief at Random Nerds


-2016 Rammie Award – Best Opening Act – Rams Head Onstage


Skribe plays Merican Canjos & Kazoobie Kazoos.


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